Sanobol 800g

Sanobol 800g



SANOBOL supports the build up of lean muscle mass and the muscle metabolism 
of racing animals.


Creatine, Gamma Oryzanol, L-Aspartic Acid, OKG, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Gamma Oryzanol: 
Gamma Oryzanol acts on the Hypothalamus in the brain, where it activates anabolic activity. That way it increases lean muscle mass, boost energy, stimulates blood circulation and improves mood and mental function.

It is the vital fuel for muscle contraction and plays an important role in the muscle metabolism. It helps for the production of energy as well as for the fast recovery from hard exercise or race.

L-Aspartic Acid: 
This is involved in building DNA structures in cells. It is the major excitatory transmitter in the brain. It helps energy production and to detoxify ammonia in the competing athlete.

L-Ornithin Alpha Keto-Glutarate (OKG) is an Amino Acid used in advanced sports supplements. OKG is an antioxidant, which works as a metabolic enhancer.


30 grams per day (= 2 measure spoons)


Gamma-Oryzanol supplement may contradict the rules of competitions.

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