Power Tonic

Power Tonic



POWER TONIC is an isotonic mixture of minerals, vitamins and Trace elements for rapid replacement of minerals lost during race or training. 
POWER TONIC is necessary for rapid regeneration and maintenance of performance. 
POWER TONIC indicated for replacement of minerals in case of diarrhoea.


Dextrose, Minerals, Vitamins and Trace Elements.

Vitamins and Trace Elements:

Per 50gm: 
Vit. A: 280, 000.00 IU
Vit. D3: 28, 000.00 IU
Vit. E: 4,800.00 mg
Vit. B1: 220.00 mg
Vit. B2: 200.00 mg 
Vit. B6: 155.00 mg
Vit. B12: 340, 00 mcg 
Vit. C: 2, 500.00 mg
Vit. K3: 340.00 mg
Cobalt: 180.00 mg
Selenium: 700.00 mg 
Niacin: 375.00 mg
Ca-Pantothenate: 220.00 mg
Folic Acid: 153.000.00 mcg
Biotin: 1,100.00 mcg
Choline Chloride: 5,100.00 mg
Irons: 1,700.00 mg
Copper: 340.00 mg
Iodine: 530.00 mg
Manganese: 340.00 mg
Zinc: 2,100.00 mg


25 Grams per day for horses and camels. 
Do not feed more than 15 grams daily per 100 kg bodyweight of the animal

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