ZEDAN SP big-packs 1 l - Natural Insectprotection (6 Pieces)

ZEDAN SP big-packs 1 l - Natural Insectprotection (6 Pieces)


!!!!Special offer 6 pieces for only 28,90 per piece!!!!

only whole cartons are submitted


ZEDAN SP big-packs with 1l

for large-scale consumers such as groups, riders, pet owners, travellers and so on or for refill of empty bottles.

ZEDAN SP* is the natural repellent lotion against insects and consists only of biodegradeable active ingedients and odour substances.

Natural Geraniol ensures extreme effectiveness against stinging and biting insects, such as flies, ticks, gnats,midges and other insects.
High quality oils of walnut, sesame and avocado make sure, that the lotion can be throughly applied, furthermore it gives a natural glossy shine to mane and coat. 
ZEDAN SP is mild to the skin and can also be applied to open wounds and sore parts of the body of animals. 
Repeated dermatological tests confirm the exceptional skin tolerability.
  • protects humans and animials naturally from flies, midges (mosquitos), ticks, horseflies 
  • only natural active ingredients and odours
  • confirmed skin tolerabilty
  • proven for over 20 years


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